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Tips to improve sales


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Hi there! I’m somewhat new SEO article writer. I have made a few sales on Fiverr and got very good reviews from my clients. However, I couldn’t stay active on Fiverr for a month due to a technical problem. So now I’m getting less and less gig impressions, and almost no order for weeks. What should I do to improve my sales on Fiverr?

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Welcome to Fiverr Community Forum
Please follow 4 way:

  1. Active more time.
  2. Send 10 buyer Request per day.
  3. Social Share your gigs.
  4. Visit fiverr related group
    then improve your sale. You will got new order. Good luck for you.


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I can also add here the importance to have a good feedback with your clients. When you have bonuses, or at least talking nicely with your customers, you can increase the level of customers' loyalty. It's like an investment for the future. I know this from myself. When seller or company acts nicely with me, than I don't mind using their services once again. Besides that, it's important to boost your salesforce with different tools. For example, you can use the salesforce email connector or sales signals (if you work in a small or a medium team). Of course, you should have some kind of budget for that, but using tools and software is a good way to increase your sales.  

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