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My Fiverr Gig Disappeared


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Hello there. I hope everyone is doing well this quarantine. Almost 3 weeks have passed and my gig is still not showing up in the search results. I am unable to see it on any of the main keywords. I was in the top 5 on main keywords and holding Fiverr Choice Badge for almost 4 months and achieved level 2 in no time with 1 hour response time. My gig is still active but vanished. I cant see or search it on the keywords. Impressions went from 3K daily to 150 and i am not getting any orders. Almost a month has passed and Fiverr support is of no help. I have seen many posts related to it and people talk about gig rotation. Can anybody please shed some light on it and tell me if that’s the case. If yes then how much time does it take to come back to the position my gig was on. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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