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Hi guys,

I’ve not had the time to write my Friday Seller Tips articles over the last two weeks as I have been travelling. I will be fully back on track and charming the pants off you all from next week! 🙂

Okay, so in this post, I simply want to ask that you remain calm. You see, over the last two weeks, some of us have noticed that gremlins have appeared on our Fiverr dashboards that can’t be tempered with sunlight. If you’re one of the lucky ones and haven’t spotted any bugs in the system, count your lucky stars.

I’ve had a few upheavals to be honest. For instance, my seller page states that I am from - well, I am not sure which country that flag belongs to, so maybe someone can help me out.

I suppose I could have gone off on one when everything seemed to be out of joint on my dashboard. Some of my gigs had been suspended, my To-Do list was a mess, my ratings on one of my gigs had dropped to 83% from 100% for no apparent reason, and as I said above, my British passport had been revoked. Thing is, I believe in Fiverr. You don’t get to be one of the top 150 most viewed websites in the world unless you know a thing or two, right?

So to sum up this post, all I ask is that you keep calm, contact the superb Fiverr Support Team and let them know what the issues are. Remember, not everyone is perfect; in fact, no one is. Therefore, be polite and wish your Fiverr Support Carer a lovely day or night.

You shouldn’t just be polite and charming to your buyers. The Fiverr team works so hard for you, so give them some love too. You’ll see that it pays off.


Jaymes - An exile of the British Empire

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