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Do you also work full time on Fiverr?


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I started working on fiverr 8 months ago, I have many things I do that I think could work out here and I just joined with a gig which I am really good at, just to see what it is like. After a month I even quit my day job to work full time on fiverr. Fiverr has given me the freedom to enjoy life and explore new ventures.

I quit my job by looking at some of the Super and Top Rated Sellers! And I thought to myself, this is an amazing marketplace…I earned well when I was new, but now my gigs are not getting exposure, like before,Well that will change with time again. I even promote my gigs everywhere I can.

I work full time on Fiverr, but recently since last 2 months not getting orders, I am idle now waiting for orders, as I rely and work only on fiverr and provide my clients with high quality service.

I am sure my gigs will start getting exposure like they used to get earlier.

I have a goal to become a Top Rated Seller providing my clients with high quality work, regarded I get exposure.


Thank You Fiverr =D>

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Do not idle and wait for orders. Give your previous clients a message asking whether how they doing and is there anything you can offer a service to them or intro you to their friends.

And also message to those who PM you but have not bought gig from you.

Also get projects from many other places, although fiverr is the most visited freelance site, but there are still many people who do not know about it.

Wishing you having orders everyday 🙂

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