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Modifying existing gig


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Hello everybody.

Straight out of the bat: im sorry if this question is answered already many times. I tried to search and found bits and pieces but would still like to ask more experienced fiver-eeers for your opinion on my situation.

I recently started and set up one gig just mainly for the BR -section with roughly the idea of " I will fulfill your custom request considering music" and then would attach that gig to BR’s and go from there. Lately I found out that this gig started to gain more traction also in the searches as I landed pretty good reviews on orders fulfilled through that gig and I got more messages and clicks from that gig than my dedicated gig for music composing and production. Now I am thinking of modifying this gig with new video and changing little bit the scope of the gig etc. Will this ruin completely my existing gig, should I be just better off doing a fresh new gig or how should I proceed in your opinion?

Many thanks in advance,


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