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My Rating is showing N/A without any reason


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Hello to all,
Hope you all are safe and healthy.
I noticed an unusual kind of bug or whatever I don’t know that my Positing Rating is suddenly showing N/A.
Also before some days, my order completion rate was approx 82% but then it became lower and after that it became now 100%.
Whats this happening?
Suddenly all of my analytics is showing 100% and my rating is showing N/A, even I have completed more then 20 orders successfully.
Please tell me or suggest me anybody that what should I do? Is this a bug or anything else.?

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I can’t say anything on that, But I just saw your gig.

Your portfolio that includes the resumes of your clients. That’s I think very sensitive to be uploaded. I hope you took permission from them, and also will suggest you to at least blur their contacts etc.

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