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Unless Explained Canceling Account


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Still fairly new to Fiverr but have purchased six gigs so far. The first five seemed to go fairly well. My 6th gig however was a big one for me and one I was counting on. This gig listed no gig extras but was work to be done on a website of mine. I knew there would be extra costs involved but still not sure why people are not honest in their listing Either way when He advised of what my extra cost would be I agreed to keep the order. This was 8 days ago. The order was due tomorrow and so today he decides to start working on it sending me the same email from 9 days ago then within minutes sends a request to cancel. I send notice back that canceling is not an option, my time is valuable. A few hours later I get a notice that Fiverr customer service that they have canceled my order I’m assuming at sellers request This is unacceptable. No explanation, nothing?

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