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Being a Seller : The Fiverr Voyage


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I have been working as a freelance graphic designer for a few months now, but I was looking for a bit different platform to showcase my unique style of illustration. I think Fiverr had it everything I was looking for. So, I started out fresh on this site…but soon realised that it’s not going to be an easy nut to crack 🙂 Millions of gigs and thousands of designers …all competing at the same place…well … the stats are enough to perturb a newbie. But thankfully there’s nothing as hectic as it seems. Finally, I created a few mock ups and placed them together as a ’gig’ with required information and tags. Seeing the tough competitions among sellers I didn’t really expect the orders to come for initial few weeks.

But Whoa… just within 3 hours I had the first order! I went for it and delivered it within 7 hours. The following day I received the ‘first positive feedback ‘ , with the client saying “Incredible and Awesome!”. No doubt …getting such great comments …that also on first day after you initiate a new gig… it really feels great. Just after the completion of this order, the same client ordered three gigs in a row.(It made me realize that I was doing something really amazing……its actually a remark by one of my clients at fiverr )

Well so far I was getting orders by a single client only, so I was a bit perturbed …whether my gig is reaching the potential clients ? But , the next day I literally saw a flood of orders… 6 orders within 5 hours…and they were still increasing. I later realized that fiverr had featured my gig at its homepage…🙂 So , that’s where people found me and I got a really great start. Orders kept on increasing and I had to constantly increase the time limit for delivery. Initially when I had started out it showed ”2 days on Average”. But just within 3 days I had to change it to “14 days on Average”….why? Because I had 12 pending orders to deliver.

But as Steve Guttenberg says “A career is a series of ups and downs, of comebacks.”; just when things seemed going nice and smooth - I received an unexpected, vague “thumbs down” from one of my buyers. I messaged him thrice asking for the reason and if I can do something (within range of my offered gig), to get him satisfied. But he didn’t respond ever- may be he was stuck to his previous demand of getting much more than just the gig at $5.

However, all is well for now.So far, I have delivered 36 orders and there are a few still in row. Although my gig is no longer getting featured at fiverr… but still I am constantly getting orders. Although the rate has gone a bit slower…but I kind of like it … because I can have at least a bit more of leisure time. Besides, it also allowed me to decrease the delivey-time… “3 days” now.

I am really loving the way its going on at fiverr. The best thing is – every day I get new tasks …new ideas… to illustrate in my style. Really, I like it. Making hand-made sketches, cartoons, digital effects, calligraphy…and much more styles are all a part of each delivery that I have made. I think the biggest reason for why people have been liking it is… individual attention that I offer to each client. Yes, getting multiple orders from most of my clients is a big proof of customer care that I have been offering to them. I understand that when you look for a dream idea to be illustrated …you want that one to literally come alive on paper . That’s exactly what I have been doing. I tend to visualize your idea through your words and then I blend them with my design and drawing skills….to produce the masterpiece which you were after 🙂

Thanks to fiverr for offering such a great platform, where we can display our gigs aptly to reach our potential clients. One of my friends had told me initially “There’s no way for you to have nothing to offer to the fiverr community” , today I understand what exactly he meant to say …🙂

Thanks for reading such a long post. I would love to hear similar experiences from you as well… :)>-

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