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Trying to Get Work After Absence


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Just before December of 2019 I was just starting to roll in work on my gig and became a level one seller after being in fiverr for around 7 months. Then I went to Florida for the holidays and left fiverr for over 2 months. I guess my first mistake is that I didn’t click that ‘Out of Office’ option. I didn’t get a single response the whole time.
Now I’m back at it trying to redo my demos and getting active on fiverr again. It’s been at a stand still and I realize that my absence is definitely not a good thing when buyers see that I’ve not done anything for so long.
I’m hoping clients pickup soon and I’m doing all I can to stay busy, buyers request, samples, new demo, etc. I wonder if there’s anything else I can do to pick things up once again?
Thank you community!

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Hi avoice4u,

I am in exactly the same situation, my absence was just a bit longer 🙂

I deactivated my account when we immigrated about 3 years ago, as life was just a bit too hectic. I recently reactivated my account and I am really struggling to get work again. There are just so many sellers out there, so I guess all that we can do is continue to offer great, friendly service and have patience.

I wish you all the best on your Fiverr journey!

Warm regards,

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