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Why does my profile page always say "contains illegal characters?"


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I interact a lot of times with this type of problem when I make a change (in an already running gig) and fiverr still doesn’t apply the change. It took me a while to understand that if you can’t find where is the error you made, just delete one section until fiverr except the change, and than do the same inside the section you until you’ll find where the problem is on your own. It happen to me few times when fiverr automatic assistant pointed me to the title to fix there an error for instance. I made the changes and still fiverr didn’t approved it. Than I realized the problem wasn’t in the title but with the description. I changed back the title as it was before I made any changes, and made the appropriate changes in the description. Than, to my surprise in the first time, fiverr did accept it.

Anyway don’t use special characters (/ * @ etc.) anywhere when you create new gigs and mind that the number of characters won’t exceed the limit in the description and other places you need/can add text.

Hope this helps!

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