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Dear friends,

i made my account before 10 days,

i get only 5 orders. my request fiverr specialist

please check my profile that’t Ok or i need to more improve

my profile. i am graphic designer. see my Profile is OK Designing point of view ?



i made my account before 10 days,

i get only 5 orders.

You are doing much better than most of the people here . Keep you the good work. Try responding to the all 20 buyers request daily and find the best keywords for your gigs.

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Hello there!

As I can see you are not a native English speaker so am I!

I will give you a little tip that is helping me a lot. Use the software Grammarly!
It is a free software that correct automatically any grammatical and punctuation error.
I think it will be helpful to get your clients trust.

I wish you all the best from Italy,

Alessio Di Giacomo

This is the link for the app:
favicon-16x16.png.e6b8b1321cbe5a76575f85e9457b0ac4.png grammarly.com


Write your best with Grammarly.

Grammarly makes sure everything you type is easy to read, effective, and mistake-free. Try it today:

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