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Effects of increasing price of gig


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hello community.

I was going for a tour to ksa for a month and was worry about the fiver business. some one suggest me that not to go on vacation mode it can effect your business.
so I go with other option. increasing price and time to max limit.
this worked well I did not receive even a single message and enjoyed my vacations.

but after coming back I bring my gigs to previous level but disappointed … it does not get the same ranking as before … total business flopped yet since one month not even a single order 🙁

so I advice you people do not go with that disappointing option.
suggestions are welcome too.

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Hi there @sh_services. Pity, it didn’t work for you… next time don’t believe everything what people say…

What if I said to you Michael Jackson is still alive because I have seen him, would you believe me?? Nope, of course, you won’t. However next time, if you go on holidays, contact CS and you’ll get the right answer.

Best of luck

Warmly, Humberto

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