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Fiverr withdrawal fee

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I need a little help in understanding the payment by Fiverr. Can somebody tell about the fees deducted on every payment. Let’s suppose, I want to withdraw money from Fiverr account to Payoneer. I know that there are $3 charges per withdrawal. I just want to know either fiverr cut these $3 charges on trasfering funds to payonerr or fiverr to payoneer is free and payoneer further takes $3 fee for local bank transfer?
It is confusing but I want to know it. Thanks

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Hi, as I know Fiverr charge $1 per withdrawal in Paypal and If you transfer above $100 then there are not any charges for transfer, I haven’t tried Payoneer yet.


Okay Thanks but in my region, pay pal doesn’t work. We use payoneer.

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