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Hello There!
Please Help Me.
I am a level two seller with 297 reveiw and all of my gigs have 5 star rating, from the last 15 days some time my gig was not show while some time it was on 2nd or first page, but now every it’s going back and now it’s reached to page 15 and also my gig impression down every day although I am sending buyer request every day, I don’t know what the problem with my gig.
waiting for your help.

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Hi adnanahmad227,
The gig position is not permanent for anyone here on Fiverr and the position of gig keeps on rotating depending on your performance in the recent 30-60 days (you might know that already).

The issue that you have discussed here that gig is going to last pages in search has been occurring with many sellers here and that is not an issue if it has happened without any reason or bad performance by you. My gig with almost 2k+ reviews has faced this same thing and it was brought back to its real position after some time.

All of those who are facing this issue should stay focused on improving the work quality and being patience. Don’t lose heart 🙂

I hope this was helpful !!

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