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No orders this christmas - need tips!


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I am very sad this Christmas. Last year whole day I used to be busy in completing my orders. I use to get lot of orders. But this Christmas I am not getting a single order. Why is it so?

I need some tips and some help why I am not getting orders this Christmas. Its not that I don’t have good gigs. This time I added some really nice gigs. But still no one to order. Help me how can I get orders. Below is my recently posted gig. Any improvement needed on this gig?



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Hi there.

There’s not really any answer to give you. We all go through slow times, even the best gigs. Slow times are part of any business. Gigs or real world. Sometimes, it’s just slow.

There is more competition this year because there is so much more traffic and so many more gigs. But all in all, like I said. When it’s slow… It’s slow.

Just keep going and hope for the best. It’s all any of us can do.

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