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I will answer you a quick Fitness Question about Workout or Nutrition for no charge,until 10Nov


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My name is Kostas Pap and i am a Personal Trainer,Fitness model and Fitness Coach.

I offer you until 10November ,because i have my week off from all my businesses,clients,coaching etc… to relax and i have plenty of time,to answer you any question you want to be answered about Fitness.

I will be Happy to help you!!!

Kostas Pap

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Okay, so then I guess i’ll take advantage of this wonderful opportunity and be the first to ask… So I surf a lot… What exercises would you recommend to help build up my paddling strength and stamina? Sometimes there’s a week to two weeks before there’s surf, so I like to go to the gym and stay ready. That way when there is surf, i’m not all out of shape.


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Reply to @est1990: Interesting!!Follow this plan:

!!!The reps are high,but this will help you a lot to increase your stamina!!!

’‘So you start with a light weight and perform 30reps.Then you increase weight to perform 25…20…etc.BUT You have to feel what the exercise do to your muscles.You must perform slow negatives,EXPLOSIVE positives and squeeze on the top of every exercise’s rep hard.I want you not to stop while your muscles burn but You will stop only when you can’t do another rep.I want you to give your best.

(Rest between sets 30’’-60’’ until your heart rate comes near to normal)

10’ warm up on elliptical machine on low intensity.

Super Set 1:Close-Grip Front Lat Pulldown 5 sets of 30/25/20/15 with

Seated Cable Rows 5 sets of 30/25/20/15

Super Set 2:Rope Straight-Arm Pulldown 5 sets of 30/25/20/15(Full range of motion) with

Full Range-Of-Motion Lat Pulldown 5 sets of 30/25/20/15

Super Set 3:Straight-Arm Pulldown 5 sets of 30/25/20/15 with

Cable Incline Pushdown5 sets of 30/25/20/15

exercise 4:Shotgun Row(here we go a little heavier) 5 sets of 15/12/10/8

SuperSet 5:Sit ups 5 sets of 20-50reps

Lower Back extensions 5 sets of 20-30reps

SuperSet 6: Leg raises on Bench 5 sets of 20-50reps

Good Mornings 5 sets of 20reps

10’ HIIT on elliptical machine

(1’ low to moderate intensity ,1’ high intensity…Sprint as hard as you can)

on the end 5’Low intensity to cool down your body.

10’Stretching For whole body

If you don’t know an exercise google it to find how to perform them correctly!

I hope this helps!!!

Wish you the Best!!!

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