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Acceptable review gigs


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Hello, we’ve been selling on Fiver for the past 4 years. We’re offering a music critiquing gig that publishes music reviews of new artists music on our website. Our gig was denied this morning with this reason why:

Fiverr Suport: "the service offered in the Gig is not currently within our editorial focus.

if buyer pay’s fr the review he is expecting to get he best and positive review in exchange so there can be a lot of problems with these kind of service."

I’m completely beside myself as our gigs have always been a published analysis and by no means have we ever simply just published positive reviews because they’re paid. Additional, with over a thousand orders, not one buyer has ever “expected” a positive review. As a matter of fact, a very fair number fall into a “not-so-great” category. I’m wondering if there is anything that can be suggested that can improve our seller experience in this marketplace? I’m confused about these changes and how this effects music review publishers. Thanks in advance.

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