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Can you critique me :)


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Hey guys,

I have been doing well over the past couple of months on Fiverr, with my sales increasing each month.

I’m a level one seller, who is 5 orders/ $900 away from level two. I’d love your thoughts looking through my profile and my gigs.

If you have a spare moment, and feel like it… I’d highly appreciate your thoughts!

Thanks team!



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Hi Kieran,

Here’s what I would do

  • upload a video intro. If you’re not camera shy then do a video introduction. I’m not talking about cheap whiteboard videos. Interview style videos with snippets from your daily work/life are becoming more popular. Recording it is probably the easiest part. You need a good editor to put it together.
    Jerry has a good one that might match your style.
  • You might wish to add more technical information. You’re designing church flyers, but I didn’t find much info on format/software like you have on your logo gig. Some people don’t care about it, but some do 🙂
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