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Fiverr Web Site unreliable


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Just a rant and to give a heads up to buyers and sellers alike

The Fiverr web site has loads of issues around messages and support submission tickets.

First, I was trying to get a design reviewed and I submitted x2 requests to the seller. I had not response and my initial thought was…SCAM…so I raised a dispute. The seller did respond with full apologies etc. Tried to reply to the dispute, again, my reply did not show up in the conversation history.

First thought, maybe browser issue. Yup! tried it using Microsoft EDGE and it worked fine for the message submission. However…tried to submit a support request to get the dispute removed and to highlight browser issues. Filled all information in, clicked submit…nothing happened, page reset and prompted me to start again. Was it submitted? Only the ether knows.

I guess I just wanted to say, before disputing, check that your messages are actually being posted.


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