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I love that your photoshop gig is a before/after picture of you, not just a stock image. Very legit.

You have a very business-like profile photo, which is unusual on Fiverr, and which should be beneficial to you.

Two things:

jahid849310 is right. Your gig images have to do all the lifting on Fiverr. Are they up to the task? I don’t think they’re bad, but I’m not sure they are up to the level of being the best images in your category. Ask yourself, “If my entire success on Fiverr depends on these images, are they good enough?” Because, in fact, that’s very much the case.

“Crowded” doesn’t begin to describe the categories you’re in. As long as you’re swimming in such an overcrowded pool, it will be nearly impossible to break out. Figure out how to offer something every business owner wants, but few are able to offer them. Like what? That’s the big question.

Best of success to you.

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