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Late orders due to clients' fault. How to solve this?


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I don’t know if this is basically the right forum to post this but here’s the situation:

I get a lot of clients who don’t order correctly (not following instructions). I asked them to modify the order and took them days to answer, while this happened, I could see a modification request label next to the order, then I would visit the order and see that the order was late due to the client not answering on time. I thought to myself “that’s OK, fiverr probably knows that this order is under modification request and won’t penalize me for it”. Well, it turns out it doesn’t…and it actually penalized me for it and now I’m at 75% on my deliveries grid, which means I will likely get downgraded from Top Seller.

Let me explain this in another way: You translate 1000 words for $5 in 3 days. A client pays $5 and gives you a document which has 100, 000 words. You ask the client to accept a modification so that he has to pay $500 and extend the delivery date to 3 weeks. The client takes 5 days to answer the request and he decides to cancel, fiverr marks it as a late order and cancelled order.

How screwed are you? And how to fix this?

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How? You could ask fiverr to cancel the order but they will say they need to hear what the client has to say first.

Also this will affect your completion rates. It is bad.

Really I see the only way this can be solved is if Fiverr changes their system. But they don’t seem to see it as a problem otherwise they would have tackled it by now.

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