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Building a great dummy


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Hey I believe that I have mastered the dummy. I am a genius. Is this my 200th dummy. yes. I believe so.


so for anyone that needs a basic dummy your in luck. I have one here and this will help you on your jobs as well. Is this the guy or girl dummy. Well with work it will become flesh and give birth to something. I just know it will because it always does.

Work on my dummy for me. Can you make her/him into anything. I bet I could I have so many times.

Dummy workforce. HA no but this feels right. now it still needs work as do all new-comers but it will be something…

I believe in

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I like your work.

You have bright future in illustrations.

Have a good day.

Thank you sir but im not done. Now my dummy is looking like something. Hmm at least its a being now.This is only the beginning here. Right!!


Hey this dummy looks like it might have something!! Holy Moses. Hair muscular work? Anatomy. Holy Freak I might have something here.


wow this is looking like some kind of fantasy or Marvel character? I bet that I can make this even better. In fact I know that I can do a fantasy job with this. She might even need clothes. all of this from a dummy? like me wow!!


Okay see what??? I knew it all along. that is what you did? Holy Molly that is a uh wow just wow!!!

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