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The main complaint repetition: “I want to make more money here on Fiverr!

OK. All well and good as Fiverr is in the top percentile of sites connecting buyers and sellers of digital goods and services. One of the reasons why is that they do invest significant time and resource to educate their users so they can shift more gigs into their portfolio. Remember, if the freelancers don’t get paid, then how will the site generate needed revenues for investment and maintenance of the current organizational framework?

But, if their freelancers aren’t using those resources, how are they going to get ideas and approaches on how to up their game and expand their freelance income? And thus, back to the repetitious grousing heard in numerous threads on an almost daily, no, HOURLY basis. If you consider yourself a REAL FREELANCER, you already have the Hustle Fire way down inside of you so you already know about categories of content creation you qualify to contribute to on a regular basis, or you’re already way ahead of the game and have a deep well of inventory;


The above image is just a sampling of one of my super-profitable content niches that I use for offline customers like SEO companies and independent content brokerage houses. You say you’re not getting any writing gigs lately? Well, you may well have to change your gig content and sales focus. Did you know that the “Payday Loans” content niche is one of the hottest around? No, I bet you didn’t. It’s been my OFFLINE BREAD-AND-BUTTER SINCE THE MID-EIGHTIES!!!. In fact, through one of my favorite marketplaces, I had an int’l SEO company pay me $35 for FIVE ARTICLES @ 350+ WORDS EACH. Once again, not making the money you’d like to here? Time to suck it up and expand your horizons.

You DID know about other content sale marketplaces like Freelancer, People-Per-Hour, oDesk, Digitalpoint Forums Marketplace, or any of the current spectrum of site available with the usage of the “microjob sites” search engine query 😕, right? Even if you don’t want to switch to juggling multiple freelancer accounts, there’s a simple way you can leverage Fiverr to show you what you need to succeed.

Did you ever think to do some research on what the top gigs consist of? In fact, you’re shown them by virtue of the “Trending” page on the Fiverr search engine landing page. Now, I’m not sure what the access to historical gig postings are for members, but just with a preliminary browse, I was not only able to come up with indexings of exactly that, but cooked the relevant info down into a future Fiverr sale gig to boot. Because of this research I was able to draft some future Gig themes approaches like;

SEO-rich articles, content-editing services, high-PR Blog review spots, Int’l SEO article translation, content format conversion services, I mean, the list I uncovered was righteously epic and will keep me in gig ideas and ready info-product inventory for a long time to come. You are going to have to make up your mind to win as hard as possible. With a worldwide membership, you’re competing against those doing the same thing and hard at work on every conceivable angle to get an edge on any upward-force opportunity.

I’d like to also end by pointing out something that can almost assure you that you’ll start to attract your desired sales. If you’re spending the time and energy to post-cry about how you’re not getting enough work, or that work has dried up lately, it subtracts from the well of positive energy that could be used to drive traffic and eyeballs to your public profile gig offerings. If you’re going to post, why not try to help out those around you by going out and searching for all those content generation opportunities offering real remuneration?

Or those content generation resources that happen to be freely-available for those cash-strapped content freelancers who need to create more time to profit from. Or any number of things that can be used for the succour of the community? There’s also another, more professional incentive to quell the kvetching. Do you honestly think that if a Fortune 500 Content Brokerage were combing for someone to give over $5K worth of content generation duties to, that they would give it to anyone they see as moaning, yet not taking the time to fish themselves out of their situation?!? NO. They’re going to be looking for the individual(s) who are busy imparting value when posting.

I tell my son all the time, " Life is not Fair, and was never meant to be." Instead of worrying about not having the work, you’ll just have to work harder to get it. It took me from when I joined in 2015 to about 3 months ago to make my 1st service sale. Came just in time for a small emergency…

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