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Cancelled Gig


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Others on this forum are just other buyers and sellers, so we can’t really help. Well, we can try to guess about your specific situation, but it would only be an educated guess, since Fiverr made the decisision. If you post the exact message that Fiverr sent you we might be able to help explain it, though.

Two general possibilities:

a. If your gig description said you would post at a particular website, such as Amazon.com or Barnes&Noble, etc, and that website has let Fiverr know they don’t like “paid reviews”, then that might be the reason. Fiverr might be doing that either to be a good internet citizen, or more tactically it probably does not want to give those sites a reason to retaliate against Fiverr by removing, lowering or blocking mentions of Fiverr on those popular sites.

b. Perhaps your gig got cancelled and others did not simply beacuse yours got looked at recently and those other gigs did not. Whenever you start or edit a gig it gives Fiverr an excellent reason / chance to look more closely at your gig. Maybe it is just a filter looking for certain words that trigger a rejection, or maybe it is based on a person decision. Yours got looked at because that is standard for NEW gigs, while other may not get seen if they don’t change their texts or images. Not saying it is FAIR, just that others on this Forum have suggested that this is a very real possibility.

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