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Dispute with buyer

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So a buyer has opened a dispute against myself. They wanted 5 songs *vocals only mixed and mastered alongside a backing track"

I delivered they weren’t happy with 3 of the 5 tracks so i did a revision for the 3 songs which i included for FREE which i don’t normally do.

Guess what still not happy because of “poor quality of the backing track” which I didn’t do anything to it apart from adjust the volume level and i added an adaptive limiter onto the master at the end as i always do.

My problem is how can someone not accept the work I’ve done and moan about something that has really nothing to do with what they asked me to do (if thats makes sense)

Now they’ve opened a dispute and want to cancel the order, despite saying they would pay in a previous message. What can I do? Do i stand proud and try to get them to pay? Do I cancel the order and receiver nothing for a weeks worth of work?

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