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Buyers and sellers

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Hi everyone, i want to tell something strange. I pay attention strange peculiarity of some buyers, and i’m writing about this because i just want to know it’s happens only with me or with everyone. So, some buyers thought if they not accept the delivery seller not getting money. Many times when i delivered work buyer clicks “Ask For Modification” button but doesn’t asks revisions from seller, in the message area i see thank you messages ☺️ 60% of my gigs marked as completed automatically. But i think it is not injustice. Because, if seller delivers you high quality work timely, so buyer have to pay timely. Maybe, some buyers don’t know that it is marks as completed automatically. Actually that’s not so big problem, but already it is improperly. I always support my clients, no matter they gave me rating/review or not but some buyers are afraid if seller will not complete project. So in this situation my dear friends i want to rename this topic to BAD SELLERS VS GOOD SELLERS 😄 Have a nice weekend! And if some new sellers read this topic, notice that main goal is good communication! Love your buyers, love your job and they will love you, too!

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