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No sales for level2 seller


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Hello guys. Its my first post here.
I am fiverr member since 2011.
got almost 500 positive feedbacks. This is normal because i was inactive almost 2 years.
Now I am back. I changed my old gigs also added new ones. I was in social media and seo category so a lot of things were changed during this years. So i must change my gigs.
The reason I was inqctive for 2 yars was that my revenue was decreasing.

I decided to return about 3 months ago with my increased experiences in my job. but i have very low amount of sales. 50% of my new sales were from buyer requests and i was trying very hard to get these orders.
I know my common problem. its my English because I have no any experience to improve my English since I got the University grade. about 5 years.
But I am trying to get my gigs description clean and really don’t have comuniction problem with my buyers.
So I AM looking for some advices here.
Is my English deacription the probpem? Or is here some algorithm of fiverr which is decreasing impresions for older gigs? My most popular gig have about 500-600 imresions per month. with about 40-50 clicks. So people see only my pics and titles before they click and view my gig. So this is not language problem only I think. because I am using some good images and my descriptions is not different from other good sellers.
Any suggestion will help me so I am waiting Your advices

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Maybe you should not state that your English is fluent if that is not the case. It might be a good idea to say a bit more about yourself in your profile description perhaps including that you have been inactive for 2 years. Also you need to be patient. Best wishes for your success! 🙂

Thank You for reply.

My account was active for these 2 years and I was working for me regular buyers for that time. But My gigs were died so I didn’t try to improve them.

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