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  1. 32 minutes ago, alexandamedia said:

    You should not have offered the cancellation. If he has been a fiverr customer for a while he should be aware that there are watermarks on images sent on the order or message system. Personally in this situation I would deliver the order with file attached. Then he can download it without the watermark, and accept it if he is happy. If he wasn't happy with it at that point, he can request revisions. I don't think there is much fiverr support will be able to do at this stage as you brought up the cancellation and then accepted the request. I would take it as a learning experience and try to avoid the situation in the future. 

    I mean the support request so that they can remove the cancellation from the statistics since it is not fair, I only defended my work from a possible scam. And the other purpose of contacting support is to have it seen because it must. The file to download was a 500 MB .rar file

    I offered the cancellation because obviously he was asking for something that was not appropriate because it violates my seller protection and I did not want to get a bad rating for reasons other than the service. There was no other possibility: either I would give him the file without a watermark so that he could see it or he would mark the order complete but give me a bad rating. Even in the GIG there are samples of 12 of the 150 designs and all the detailed description of file weight, image quality, resolution, page size, etc. It was unnecessary for him to ask for this and I think that Fiverr should be tough about these things because we are always the harmed sellers even if we fully respect the rules.

    There are two images like this that were in the GIG as a sample of the content



    And in the description of the GIG and the frequently asked questions everything was described (These are some examples)



    What type of designs will I get?

    Please watch at the preview images in the GIG  to see the type of designs that you will get in this package. All designs are a perfect fit for printing on an A4 (21 X 29,7 CM) page.

    How will you deliver the files?

    I will be delivering all the images in a zip or rar file for ease of download. Total file size 580MB




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  2. This user bought me a package with Mandalas predesigns and after I delivered it he spent more than 40 hours without connecting. Today he comes back and asks for a modification claiming that "he cannot download the file" and then I explain that Fiverr locks the files until the order is completed and once he marks the order as complete he can see the downloaded material without any blocking (which is for seller protection) and after this he tells me:


    "Hi, i have been a customer with fiverr for awhile now i can not accept work i have not seen.I prefer not to download work with fiverr watermark.Are you able to let me see the work before i can download? Thanks"

    I answer him:


    By no means, please request the cancellation of the sale and I will accept it but I will not risk my work


    And later I accepted the cancellation but the only one who has been harmed was me. 


    Even in the GIG there are samples of the designs and the pages, everything is perfectly explained in the GIG


    Do you think what I did was okay? Should I report this to Fiverr? Because this action has ruined my stats just because the user is requesting improper things and pretending to make the seller vulnerable.

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  3. I managed to get the option recently and didn't want to click without first knowing what it was about and I found your post. Thank you very much for clarifying all this, I figured they would charge a commission but I didn't want to press the button without knowing exactly what this was about. For my part I prefer to wait, Fiverr already deducts enough money from my sales to add more for anxiety.

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  4. On 9/30/2021 at 12:24 PM, genuineguidance said:


    I have what is called "natural immunity". I have already had Covid in April 2020.

    No way will I volunteer to be some lab rat. Funny, they don't want to talk about natural immunity - I have gone about my life normally since this all began. And, I am not young either - close to 60. Have not gotten ill since I initially had it last year.

    Will be interesting to see what occurs in 2, 5 or 10 years from now with all those who take this.

    Good luck!


    I think exactly the same!

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  5. Dear friend please use the buttons provided by the forum to thank the compliments because otherwise you are visually overloading the thread without any meaning. The programmers were burned by creating these functions to be used for that purpose and precisely to avoid what you are doing.

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  6. On 7/23/2021 at 2:31 PM, jonbaas said:

    Like I said, your gig is already linked on the buyer's offer responses page. Fiverr does this for you. It would, therefore, be a redundant waste of space to post a link in your seller response. And why would you want to post a link to your PROFILE, when a link to your gig (already provided by Fiverr) is the only link relevant to the buyer's request? Any descriptive information about you, originally shared on your profile, is already automatically posted on all of your gigs.

    "I have a series of books to make the cover" -says in the buyer request- Budget $ 150. How can I do this job if I don't know how many books this person needs? Well, for that I need you to contact me if he or she wants me to do the job because I need that additional information. And logically the only way is to send me a private message. This is what I meant by submitting the profile link. And if you think that everyone knows how to click a photo to go to a profile, you are wrong because there are many people who need detailed instructions to navigate the platforms. There are even many who cannot find the files they have to download when one delivers them.

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  7. On 7/23/2021 at 2:31 PM, jonbaas said:

    Like I said, your gig is already linked on the buyer's offer responses page. Fiverr does this for you. It would, therefore, be a redundant waste of space to post a link in your seller response. And why would you want to post a link to your PROFILE, when a link to your gig (already provided by Fiverr) is the only link relevant to the buyer's request? Any descriptive information about you, originally shared on your profile, is already automatically posted on all of your gigs.

    hahahaha OK, whatever you say!

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  8. 19 hours ago, jonbaas said:

    This would be a complete waste of space in the BR offer, since your gig is already linked on the response page that the buyer sees.

    I did not mention the GIG, but the profile. Many buyers post descriptions with little information and there are times when it is necessary to clarify certain things to apply to certain jobs.

  9. 1 hour ago, madmation99 said:

    Hello All video animators and voice artist out there! I am looking for a US accent voice artist for long term who can offer a good price as well. Do you have someone to recommend me? Please share the link, Will be thankful to you.

    I think you should take a look at newsmike gigs, I really saw his work and found it very good!

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    It is a very interesting topic that you just raised here. I think the cancellation fee should only apply when the problem is with the seller. Many times it happens that buyers do not even read the description of the ad in detail and then request things that they did not buy and you have two options: Give away work or cancel the order. Either way, the seller always ends up hurt.
  11. 20 minutes ago, lijo_johnson said:

    I delivered the file again, still shows the same. Do my buyer get the files?

    Yes, the buyer receives it. Read the message that I posted. Time is ticking, this is something that Fiverr should improve because it shouldn't keep running time.

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  12. 12 minutes ago, lijo_johnson said:

    Hi, I just delivered a file to my buyer but still the "count down" is going on and status shows "in progress" instead of "delivered" 

    Need help.

    This is a problem that has been going on for a long time. I will copy here what the support responded to me at the time:


    maezma8530 de mayo de 2021 14:40


    I'm noticing that the order time is running its course despite marking the order as delivered. I have a very inactive buyer who does not answer questions and has only connected twice in almost two days (my time limit is 3 days) and when he connected the second time after almost 15 hours of inactivity on the platform he asked for one modification. To my surprise, those 15 hours it took him to respond even though I delivered the order, the system counts them in the same way. Is this an error in the system? because I think the clock should stop when there is a delivery and reactivate where it left off when a review is requested. With that criterion I can take an hour to finish the job but if the buyer reviews the order 2 minutes before it ends and asks for a review, I would be delivering the order late when in reality it is not.

    Milica30 de mayo de 2021 23:36

    Hello Matias,

    Hope you're safe and well. I see that it is important to have constant communication with the buyer. I completely understand your position and I will be glad to check and advise.

    This is the thing - you did deliver this order on time so this order was never marked as Late delivery. Your stats are fine. However, once the order is in Rejected status time starts counting down the remainder of the delivery time. It is simply a notifier for sellers to have an idea of how long they actually took to work on the order when the original delivery time expired. It has mostly orientational purposes, so to speak. 

    Please note that your gig nor profile are not jeopardized in any way.

    I see that the order was completed in the meantime and everything looks okay.

    I hope this was helpful!

    We're here if you have any further questions.

    Kind regards,
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  13. 7 minutes ago, shohayebshihab said:

    however, congratulations on your recent Copa America cup final winning over Brazil!😁 I am a fan of your national football team

    I wish the administration of my country was as good as sports 😅 I was born in Italy and I have lived in Argentina since I was very young but believe me that I do not share many thoughts and ways of acting of many people in my country, especially in politics. Thanks for the congratulations! We have had better soccer teams in the past.

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  14. 1 minute ago, shohayebshihab said:

    edited the quotation and sorry for that unfortunate miscode. 

    No problem! I was just joking but if someone read your message they would surely say that I have a bad vibes and it is the opposite LOL

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