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  1. As far as I’m concerned, Fiverr has a major identity problem. I go to Youtube and I see the same annoying Fiverr Pro ad. I never used to. This means Fiverr is throwing money at advertising during the pandemic. However, I come to Fiverr and every writing category there is, is saturated with garbage DA50 and DA99 guest post gigs. Most gig descriptions are plagiarized. More importantly, NONE of these people are legitimately capable of delivering what they say they can. It’s so impossible, it’s absurd. I even get at least weekly messages from these sellers asking ME to help them out. Here’s one from today: That said, many of these SEO and backlink wizards have the cheek to charge $100+ and way over. This results in Fiverr having a bit of a problem. They are running an ad campaign that assures people who likely haven’t ever used Fiverr before that Fiverr is home to real quality freelancers. If you want to argue and say "but the ad is only for Pro sellers," that’s fine. However, people new to Fiverr are likely not going to appreciate what that means. As it is, when buyers some here, it is hard to see where the real quality is thanks to all the nonsense. Neither can all buyers be expected to know what is nonsense and what isn’t. As for the argument that competition is healthy, I don’t see it as applying. This is mainly due to the high prices many new sellers are charging. If anything, selling in some categories is now just a game of luck. Imagine you are a taco salesman in an outdoor market. You are popular and successful and people who didn’t even know what a taco was yesterday start trying to copy your sales pitch. Before you know it, when people come to the market, all they see is taco stands. You might be the only one who can really make tacos. However, you have no way to prove this to your target consumer. You just have to hope they decide to try one of yours over one of your competitors. In real life, this can’t happen. You can’t have 100 extra taco stands appear suddenly because that involves other people investing in a stand, supplies, etc. However, on Fiverr, someone can copy your gig description which is equivocal to your taco stand (or someone else’s) and have their business up and running in a few hours. To make matters worse, you and your competitors are all fishing for customers who might not have ever had a taco before and don’t really know how to judge the quality of what they order. I don’t really understand the hostility in this thread. However, when you discuss topics like this, you inevitably get the same kinds of people jumping on them. In either case, the short answer is that competition is fine when your competition is competition, not 100 or more people who just say they can do what you can but are really just copying what they see as the most successful gigs on Fiverr. Very true, well said. 👌
  2. Love it! I’ve been considering lowering my costs to try and compete, but don’t feel its the right thing to do.
  3. Good input Frank. I’ve heard on the grapevine that due to this bug Fiverr is currently experiencing, gig circulation has stopped. Have you heard anything similar?
  4. Kinda feel like that was an attempt to offend. :thinking: Look, i think this whole topic has gotten slightly out of hand. I was looking for input and i feel l got it. Albeit not exactly from the sources i was looking for, but maybe i should have been clearer in my topic title.
  5. neither did I. I did not even mention your name lmao. You should put it in your topic “ONLY OLD SELLERS ALLOWED” that way you would save yourself a lot of spam plus our time would be saved from the waste as well smh 😂 Absolutely ridiculous. I can tell you’re going to fit in here well. Fiverr are actually looking for new moderators btw.😂
  6. I never said i was a mastermind. I wanted input from sellers who have experienced something similar to me. Not from new sellers who are the reason i asked the question in the first place. lol
  7. Totally agree!.. Although part of me is starting to doubt this. 🙈
  8. Good input. Thanks. I’ve always been able to keep my head above water with competition within my sector, but recently with this flood of new sellers offering ridiculous pricing i’m finding it difficult. The whole ‘you get what you pay for’ saying doesn’t seem to compute with a lot of these buyers. :rofl: It just completely discredits the service i feel.
  9. Preferably input from higher level sellers would be useful. I love how everyone becomes a Fiverr mastermind on here even with only a month or two under their belt. :rofl:
  10. Thanks for the input guys. Noted. Although i’de like to point out, the majority of these replies are from sellers who have all launched in the last few months, so in a way i think that answers my original suspicion.
  11. I’ve been a consistent seller on Fiverr for a good few months now. But due to Covid 19, and the increased pressure for people to earn extra cash and start side hustling, it seems to have had a huge impact on my gigs reach. The quality of service some of these new seller are providing is ridiculous. Very little knowledge about what they’re actually doing, and undercutting to the point that it’s barely financially viable. Let me know if any of you are experiencing the same issue. Rant over lol
  12. Very similar situation for me. This is the first time in 3 months i don’t have a single active order. :roll_eyes: My gigs normally perform pretty good. Well, good enough to keep conversations rolling. But now everything seems to have gone silent for me lol. I guess it’s a waiting game, and it’s probably not a coincidence this all began when Covid kicked off. I’m slightly worried that due to everyone being based at home, the Fiverr platform is getting flooded with new sellers which is saturating markets. Whats everyones thoughts?
  13. I know this is a really old chat feed, but the original comment is spot on!! I’m having a similar situation myself- I got my first gig just under 2 months ago and i’m 5 gigs away from level 2 already. I feel everything she original mentioned has played a key role in how i’ve also achieved this 🙂 Great advice worth regurgitating!
  14. How’s it going people! I hope you’re all well and succeeding. Any early 2020 good news stories to share? 🙂 Lets hear them :love_you_gesture:
  15. Sorry to hear this. Hope it all gets sorted… and remember, if they lift the restriction- don’t give out contact information! 🙂
  16. Ok so its a clothing brand that make a lot of shoes. And don’t look at the last emoji as a peach 😉
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