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  1. 1.Fake reviews
    I had given orders to sellers who are level 2 with very high ratings. They turned out to be very uncommunicative, unable to understand simple instructions because their standard of English is low, and didn’t deliver according to the custom order. And I wondered why. So I went to see their ratings and feedbacks from their clients and noticed that they have the SAME few ‘clients’ giving them 5 stars, and very very often. So I went to see who these ‘clients’ are and noticed the ones who are also sellers had the same thing going on.

    Fiverr ratings don’t mean anything because sellers abuse the system by giving each other 5 stars. And there is no way for anyone to report this abuse easily.

    Which is a pity because now I will never trust a Fiverr seller’s ratings again. They are meaningless.

    See the screenshot attached. I’ve colour coded the duplicates so you can see clearly that the same ‘clients’ giving review and how often.

    I suggest all buyers to really look into the ratings.

    1. Bargaining
      And when I tried to cancel order, one seller wouldn’t accept it. Instead he asked me to select ‘buyer will order again’ so his rating wouldn’t be affected. What is the point of the rating system then?
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