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Here's a direct comparison between your gig and the top performer in your niche. See what they're doing that works and implement them into your gigs without copying them.





Never offer to do unlimited revisions.


Should help you find what you're looking for as well. 

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Alright... you have relevant keywords in your title and tags. Which is good. However, you haven't used all 5 tags. See what the top performer in your space is using and use the same ones.

However, I see that you create patterns for fabrics as well. So I would probably use that on my title and tags as well since that's what's working for the top performer in your niche.

See how their gig thumbnail and the samples they have look nice and appealing to someone looking to buy a pattern design. They have included a variety of different patterns with varying colors to make their gig image stand out. In your case the images can be improved the same way. And as you can see they're only offering 2 revisions.
Offering unlimited revisions tells buyers that you're not confident with your work and prolonged refining is needed to get what they want. 

I would personally avoid mentioning "commercial rights" on the package window and maybe have it in the description? since anyone buying a service like this would intend to use the product commercially anyway. 

I would avoid saying things like "unlimited revisions till satisfaction" "easy to communicate" "message me before ordering" as it could send negative signals to your buyers (potentially).

Additionally, I saw that you only have 1 pattern in your portfolio section. You need as many samples as you can show to your buyers in a niche like this. If the top performer is showing a total of 20 patterns in their profile, I would see how I can show more patterns that are better than theirs so that I can catch the eye of someone looking to buy a pattern.

And finally: use the time you have to explore what other sellers are doing in your niche that works for them and see how you can do similar things to your gigs. since you're new and have a lot of free time on the platform... use it wisely! 

Search the forum for answers to similar questions asked previously / explore the forum for topics related to "advice" etc.

Here are some of those topics: 

Good Luck!


Tags they were using:


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I am struggling to find out whether I am on the right path or not while optimizing my Gig. I did a research on the search volumes of keywords on fiverr. 

I found out that the volumes are as follows:

seamless pattern design- 4500+

pattern design- 3800+

floral pattern design- 434

kids pattern- 176

boho pattern design- 10 

Now, I can clearly see that "seamless pattern design" keyword has 4500+ search results and "boho pattern design" has only 10 search results. 

Can anyone please help me understand this. 

Does this mean that I should use "boho pattern design" and " kids pattern design" more as keywords and try my luck designing patterns in kids and boho category?

 as it has less results. Hence the competition is low. But, does that also mean that the demand is also low for " boho pattern design" and "kids pattern design"

Please guide me on how to use these keywords in order to optimize my gig.


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On 7/11/2024 at 7:08 AM, swatcreate said:

But, does that also mean that the demand is also low

Generally, yes, but not always.

Balancing keywords is, basically, using what's relevant to your gig. Yes, you'll hear 'niche, niche, niche' chanted by parrots in the forums, but most of those echoes have no clue what they're doing. It's pointless to include a keyword for something you don't do, can't do, or find miserable to do. 

My day-job constantly gets phone calls asking about a service we don't offer, because (for some bizarre reason) the keyword that people use in Google's search engine puts our business up near the top of the results. (If we could remove this keyword from connecting to the business, we would, but we have no clue why.) Yes, some people might think "opportunity! start offering that service!" but that's plain foolish for our business. We don't offer that service for a reason

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