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Unresponsive buyer. What do I do now?



I have my first buyer of an ESL gig.  The buyer agreed to a plan in which we would need to interact in the following manner:  I would send some exercises, the buyer would do them and let me know when they were done (either sending them back or requesting the answer key).  I would send more exercises, and the buyer again would respond when complete.  At any time, the buyer could request a meeting to discuss any confusion or questions.  The first thing I sent was a way to analyze the English abilities of the buyer.  I sent it via Fiverr messaging.  The buyer never responded, so I requested and received (by default) an extension before my time ran out.  I have messaged the buyer several times, but have still not heard from the buyer.

Question 1:  Did I do something wrong?  Should I use the "Deliver" button for such an interchange instead of Fiverr Message?

Question 2: If I am ok in the way I sent the first exercise, what else can I do?

Question 3: How much will requesting more time (once now, maybe a second time soon) affect my ranking?

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