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Probably this is a scam or am I a newbie?

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Hi everyone, an hour ago I received a message from a customer called Lucianonuevo, according to the profile active since January 2023. 
He asked my email address for the money transfer, but I notice that in the image that attests his payment, he puts the card number in plain text. As a good seller and a fair person, I suggest to him to avoid certain data in clear, but he does not respond to this specific message and that is very strange. After that I get an email to confirm the transition, and as I had not yet entered PayPal as payment method, but the email address is very ‘suspicious’, but I decided to go ahead. I opened the link in the email, filled the data, and then a Fiverr support chat opens, telling me to enable the transition from all over the world and that a certain amount (which was not specified) will be withheld from me, which will then be returned to me. It could have been a single euro, but it could have been everything I had in my account. Guys, I have honestly never seen such verification and after the third awake up call, I decided to close that tab and tell the customer that the method was very strange and ‘invasive’.

Have I done the right thing or is this really the first verification for payment for one of my services? I have just signed up and I have noticed that there are a few scammers around.


Photos attached (sorry, the first image has italian texts)

Screenshot 2024-06-10 alle 18.17.23.png

Screenshot 2024-06-10 alle 18.18.02.png

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17 hours ago, maia_videos said:

Buyers don't need your email to pay.

they just need to accept the offer and pay directly through the platform.


You're totally right. In that moment I didn't already linked PayPal, but anyway I have been very naive...

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