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Feedback on tipping and Fiverr loans

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So I had a client today that had a bad experience with another seller, and was so happy with my revision work that he wanted to give me an excessively big tip. It really wasn't necessary but I'm not gonna turn down the extra cash. A few minutes later he messaged me back with a screenshot saying that Fiverr would only allow him to tip from $5 up to the price of the gig (in this case it was $45). Why is that? Shouldn't clients be able to tip whatever they want? If this guy wanted to give me $200, why is Fiverr putting a wall in front of him so he can't do that? That doesn't seem to make a lot of business sense for Fiverr, especially considering they scalp a part of our tips as well. 

My second feedback is on the Fiverr Cash Advance loans. I realize they're generally unpopular with a lot of the sellers on here but I've used them a couple of times for some quick business cash. I feel like it's better at times than using a credit card and Fiverr is not my main source of freelance income so I don't feel the hit as hard as others may. My question is this- I understand that Fiverr wants 40% of every order until the loan is paid off, but why can't you put in more than 40%? They should make it that 40% is the minimum but you if you want to dial that up to 60%, 80%, or even all of your current earnings that you can do that. Some people may want to just get it paid off and done with, and I don't see why it's not possible to customize this plan as long as the minimum is met. 

Just my two cents. 

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