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How to get paid for a cancelled order?



Hello Guys,

I recently encountered a situation where a buyer ordered a design art exhibition website from me but did not provide complete information about the project. They only placed the order without discussing the project details with me. However, I created a wireframe design, which the buyer approved, and then proceeded to create the prototype. But when I asked the buyer to review the prototype and provide feedback, they did not respond. Additionally, I also asked them for the necessary images, but they did not provide them either. Despite these obstacles, I managed to complete the design and deliver it to the buyer within the agreed-upon time.

Unfortunately, the buyer filed a dispute to cancel the order, claiming that they were not satisfied with the design and did not want to pay me. They also asked me to reduce the price and suggested that I accept the cancellation request and allow them to make another offer for a lower amount. I realized that this was an attempt to scam me, and after researching, I found out that there are many such cases where Fiverr buyers try to scam new sellers. The buyer convinced me to cancel the order by threatening me, and I accepted the cancellation request. As a result, the buyer has all the design files without paying me.

Furthermore, I came to know that my work was worth more than the amount I charged, and in any case, it can't be below that amount, and the buyer scammed me by not paying the full amount. The buyer told me that he would pay me half the half amount after I cancel the current order. If there is any chance to get the money back, please tell me.


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How to get paid for a cancelled order?

Nah, there's nothing you can do in this scenario. Reason:

You yourself "mutually" accepted the cancellation request. Why would Fiverr take a stand for you and compensate you when you yourself can not take a stand for yourself? Just a few tips for the future:

1. Do not start the work if you do not have 100% complete information regarding the project. On the first day of the project, if you do not know the last step of the project, just do not start it!

2. If buyers try to cancel the order stating that they're not satisfied with the quality: Take your stand as Fiverr itself protects you from this scenario. In the TOS, it's clearly written that orders can not be canceled on the basis of 'quality' and 'client satisfaction'.


If you have completed the job as per the client's requirements (and for that make sure to follow the point 1, I have written above), just do not cancel the order. Even if the client is able to cancel the order by contacting customer support, you will be able to get compensation from them by showing proofs that you have done a perfect job as per the client's requirement. But in the case of 'mutual cancellation/agreement,' no one is going to take your stand for you and compensate you.

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