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Haven't Landed Orders Since July 4th? Let's Discuss Revival Strategies!


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Haven't seen any new orders come through on Fiverr since July 2023.Im experiencing dry spells from time to time. In this forum, let's share our experiences, discuss potential reasons behind the slowdown, and brainstorm strategies to get those orders flowing back in.

Whether you're a seasoned Fiverr seller or just starting out, all insights and suggestions are welcome!

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Hello, Roby,

Your most significant problem is the number of gigs in your niche. 


However, another issue is your gig images: 



Buyers often look quickly through the pages of sellers' offerings without reading what is written below the pictures. Your gig images must clearly state your services in four or five bold words. The words on your middle gig are cut off. The words on your first gig are challenging to read, and there are no words on your third gig image. If you make these changes, you will have a better chance of getting sales. However, you will still be competing with the 18,647 other gigs that offer the same services that you do. That is why your gig images need to stand out!

You also could get a more professional head and shoulders profile image.  

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