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Your gig image still says "DISSERTATION AND THESIS". Fiverr will probably think that's academic work that should be done by the students themselves. If Fiverr thinks you are offering/doing the type of academic work that students should do themselves it could lead to an account warning which could lead to an account suspension.

See https://help.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/360020869658

Your main gig image has text that gets cut off when shown on the profile. That is partly due to the aspect ratio. If you check Fiverr's gig image guidelines they'll probably tell you can probably tell best aspect ratio to use based on the recommended image sizes they say (maybe around 1.6:1)

Your gig image says "URGENT TASKS 500 TO 5000 IN JUST 24 HOURS" but 500 to 5000 what? If you mean 500 to 5000 words add "words" to the gig image.

You gig description says "I am available 24/7 without fail". That is too unrealistic to say. It's unlikely that a serious, professional writer would put that (since they can't work constantly and need sleep etc). It probably leads to low sales to say that (if you look at other gigs that say they're available that long they don't seem to get as many orders as those who don't say that).

Your gig description says ". kindly contact me..." but the capitalisation of "kindly" could be changed if it's a new sentence.
Your description says "WHY MOIZE?". People might not know what you mean by "moize". Also I'd take out "24/7 availability" for the reasons given above.

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