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How do I increase my sales on Fiverr?

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Hey Expert,

Last few months I can't sell my gigs. When I get a level 2 badge then I notice day by day my gigs are down. I am still trying but can't get actual results. If you guys give me any suggestions on how can i rank my gigs again and increase my sales it will be great for me. 

Thank you

Dolar Sharma


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Hello @dolarfive

You have all the gigs that have lots of competition in the WordPress category, If you search as a buyer you will find thousands of gigs similar to what you offer 

Here are some unique gig ideas I shared in another thread - 

Another tip I personally use, I answer WordPress-related queries in Facebook groups, and WordPress forums and then refer to my gig - monthly WordPress maintenance service. You can promote your gigs in a similar way, Fiverr loves when you bring outside traffic to your own gigs  

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I hope you are fine and doing help. I have also few suggestions I hope really helps you in order to get orders on your gig. 

  1. Optimize Gig Titles and Descriptions
  2. Use High-Quality Gig Images
  3. Offer Competitive Pricing
  4. Promote Your Gigs
  5. Optimize Gig Metadata
  6. Continuously Improve Your Skills

Customer Satisfaction also matters a lot. Make sure whenever you get any order after the completion of the order it is also recommended to keep ask your client that we are still here if you need any modification. 

Also I recommend to share your gig in different platforms like on LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook helps to get organic traffic.  

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