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Update to meet category standards...? How?


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I have 3 gigs flagged with this warning:


"Your Gig and/or the visibility of your Gig may be affected if these required modifications are not made by 2 Jun 2023.


Update packages to meet category standards"


The packages were filled and updated, and I still have these warnings. I wrote twice to support and I just got ghosted twice, their anwser was: "Your gig is visible, there is no problem here, bye". But there will be a problem on Jun 2, and I have no idea what they are asking from me. Has somebody figured this one out?, I'll appreciate any guidance.


The gigs if somebody is curious:






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29 minutes ago, polaris84 said:

The packages were filled and updated, and I still have these warnings

If you completed that, it's fine. I just modified some things in the pricing section and there was a checkmark showing everything is fine. They just want you to see they added new extras to pricing, so you can use those and earn more. I updated a couple of things but as I said, nothing significant there.

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