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Scammer on Fiverr

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Are you sure it was him? Fiverr automatically watermarks images upon delivery. The watermark should be removed after you mark the order as complete. Check again and see if it's still there. It would be very weird for a seller to place a fiverr watermark on their images, that doesn't make sense.

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When you deliver your Gig, your buyer will see a watermark on the image preview up until they accept and complete the order. Your original image will not be available for the buyer to download until after the order is marked as complete by the buyer.

Fiverr puts a watermark automatically until the order is completed to protect the seller's work. It will be removed after the order is marked as complete.

I don't think he was trying to scam you as he is a Top rated seller and has more to lose by scamming people.

If he put an external watermark, then I suggest you message him and ask him to provide you with a fresh watermark-free image. 

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