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Looking to connect with like-minded fiction ghostwriters


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Good day fellow fiction ghosties!

With Fiverr giving us an exclusive forum to help each other excel, I thought it might be a good idea to call all fiction ghostwriters to this thread where we can connect, exchange tips, tricks and answer each other's queries. Because, let's face it, ghostwriting fiction comes with its own set of frustrations and learning curves. 

So, to introduce myself: I am a full-time fiction ghostwriter from sunny South Africa and have been part of Fiverr since 2014. Being a Top Rated Seller, I am looking for tips to get more sales.

Currently, I am:

  • Promoting my gigs on the Fiverr website
  • Regularly sharing my gigs on social media
  • Opted in for receiving order briefs

Any additional suggestions are welcome!

I am looking forward to connecting with you and exchanging ideas!



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added another item I use for marketing my Fiverr gigs.
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Hello! I'm also a full-time fiction ghostwriter, been on here since 2021. I completely agree, I think a dedicated thread for this subject is a great idea!

In response to your assorted hopes for this thread, I'm afraid I don't have any questions, nor do I have any particular tips. I've never run a single promotion, I don't have social media, and the order briefs drive me nuts :). I will say that I had quite a bit of fun putting together my gig descriptions, as well as my profile description, and I've had several people cite those as reasons they selected me (and I have my kids in my profile pic, which people seem to like), but that's about all I've got!

To conclude, I'm certainly happy to connect with people! At present, I don't really have any connections to other writers, professionally or personally, and would love to chat with people about the craft!

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