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Using Titles, Tags and Metadata to Optimize Your Gigs

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When people talk about SEO (search engine optimization) they aren’t only talking about Google. A search engine is a type of software that uses keywords to find pages on the World Wide Web. Just like Google helps users find relevant websites and pages all over the internet, Fiverr helps buyers find quality sellers on its platform. Understanding how to optimize your Gig will help Fiverr drive traffic to your pages, so you can grow your business and become a successful seller!


There are three key elements to optimizing your Fiverr Gigs: Titles, Tags, and Metadata.


When creating a Gig Title, you want to include keywords that your buyers might type into the search bar when looking for your service. This will take getting into the head of your ideal client! If you feel stuck, you can switch your profile to Buyer mode and pretend to be someone searching for what you sell. Type a few words related to your services into the search bar and see what kind of Gigs come up! You’ll know you're on the right track when the results show what you would consider your competition.


Keep in mind the structure of your title as well to make sure that you are maximizing the amount of terms that you have as it will also consider terms with more than 1 word.




"In this example, the Keywords would only be taken into consideration individually and be a match if the buyer searches specifically for “logo” or for “modern” and so on. While this title has Keywords that are intentional for services related to logo creation the additional words between the Keywords makes it not the most effective option."



Even with a smaller amount of words this title is more effective as it would make your Gig more likely to show up in searches than the ones with only 1 term, but also on searches with:

  • 2 words like “minimalist logo” 

  • 3 words like “modern minimalist logo”     


This would still leave you with additional space that you can include other keywords that might be relevant.


Next up is your tags. These are other, related keywords that you didn’t include in your title. It’s important to use different keywords to increase your chances of popping up in the search results. 


Sticking with the same example, you might use the keywords graphic designer, logo designer, brand logo, and company logo. 


If you have a certain niche that you want to target, you should incorporate a related keyword. Perhaps you design luxury business logos, logos for nonprofits, or financial business logos.



Finally, metadata helps differentiate your unique service from others in your category, so buyers can find exactly what they’re looking for. Your metadata selection will allow buyers to filter search results to find sellers that speak the same language, work in the same industry, cover their desired topics, are familiar with certain platforms, and more.


Fiverr displays metadata options as a list from which you can quickly and easily select what aligns with your service. If you aren’t sure which are the best to choose, check the boxes for what you think would be the most relevant to your buyers. You can always adjust the metadata in a few weeks if you find that you aren’t attracting your ideal clients or aren’t receiving as many inquiries as you hoped.


The way buyers search for services and sellers is constantly changing - as is the Fiverr algorithm. It’s important to check your gigs every 6-12 months to ensure you’re still advertising what your ideal buyer is looking for.


Now, go optimize those gigs! Your ideal buyers are looking for you!


Want to read more? Check out other articles from the Help Center that might help you:


Part of the Seller Plus programMake sure to take advantage of your additional benefits to be even more intentional with your Titles, Tags and Metadata.


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