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How to Get Order


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1 hour ago, md_naim1 said:

how can I get order

There is no magical formula that works for everyone. You have to do the research.

1 hour ago, md_naim1 said:

how many gigs open needed for a new seller?

The gig count doesn't matter. You can try to focus on one gig until you get back-to-back orders.

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@md_naim1 Are you on some form of commission to ask questions on this board?   I mean seriously, your spamming with questions for the sake of it.

If you think that forum badges will help you get orders on the main platform then you're very much mistaken 

Start reading and stop typing! 

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It depends what you mean. For my first 10 orders on the platform it took me about two months to get that amount. I’ve only been on the platform for 11 months however, just 8 to 9 months later I’m sitting at over 160 orders.

Getting 10 orders into my queue now would only be about a weeks worth of work. Depending on the order. If I have larger projects thrown into there, it may be 30 to 90 days. 

if you were talking timeline wise, on how long does it take to get an order done, it all depends on your industry and your skill. However, on a platform like (Fiverr), I would not do anything that takes me more than two hours if it’s a smaller project based on price. Larger projects that are estimated to be 30 to 90 days. It only takes me five to fifteen days of work to get the project complete.

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