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The Fiverr website and app seriously lack support for Chinese users,Especially the APP does not have Chinese selection and Chinese interface. You must know that there are many Chinese and Chinese sellers on Fiverr, many of whom are not fluent in English, but Fiverr completely ignores and even suppresses them.It is very unfair that Chinese sellers who are not familiar with English will be snubbed or even rejected.

Websites and APPs should introduce Chinese, or introduce Google Translate. You and Google Translate can cooperate seamlessly. In this way, not only Chinese users, but users of all different languages in the world can communicate smoothly on Fiverr.

By removing the differences and barriers in language communication, Fiverr will be more prosperous, and users and customers will grow, increase, and develop indefinitely.

And now, what we are facing is that, first of all, language communication is blocked. You also have to take language exams. It was originally a website for trading transactions, but your exams are like undergraduate professional exams, which have put a lot of of users and customers refuse to be outside the door.

If Fiverr cannot make major reforms in language communication, Fiverr will forever remain at the current stage and cannot make major breakthroughs. Nowadays, there are various and varied trading websites around the world. Fiverr has faced more challenges and competitions, but many of your competitors have already achieved barrier-free language communication, leaving Google translation and language selection to users.

What Fiverr needs is no longer technical progress in details, but a major breakthrough in language. I hope Fiverr executives will carefully consider your shortcomings and weaknesses. This is the biggest fatal flaw you will face competitors in the future.





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