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  • I can see that a fair number of people have been demoted on St. Level’s Day. Although its unfortunate if it happens to you, there are things you can do to stop this happening in future. Here are some suggestions, which I hope are useful not just if you’ve been demoted, but for sellers in general to help you maintain high standards and ratings. Review the Turnaround Times on Your Gigs I can see plenty of people getting demoted because of delays in completing work, extra time taken to do revisions, etc. One way around this is to lengthen the time you allow yourself to deliver a gig. Normally deliver in 24 hours? Change it to 48. Can’t make three days? Change it to five. Yes

  • Hi Seller, Today i am going to give few tips about how to use buyer requests. you only have 10 requests so use them carefully. 1.Don’t start sending requests randomly 2.Don’t consider a request which already got 20+ requests. These two are the main points you should have in mind while sending buyer requests. one more thing,you guys should only respond to that offer which you are 100% sure that you can do it. instead of sending gig orders you guys should use custom orders. why i recommend customer orders ? because you guys can freely select cost and delivery time. Experience sellers cand share experience in comments below 🙂 Thanks

  • You should know that our Editors check profile pictures when they consider promoting a Gig and selecting Top Rated Sellers. That’s right, it’s not something that you should over look! So what makes a great profile pic? A photo of you Your profile page is how you introduce yourself to the community. We’ve seen that buyers tend to trust people with pictures of themselves more than they do sellers with no photo. It helps you establish trust with buyers and other community members. A high quality photo Avoid posting photos that are blurry, pixelated or distorted in any way. (Some specs are: maximum size: 1Mb and format: jpeg, png, gif)

  • Hi. Yesterday(1 day before yesterday) my impression was about 602 but yesterday it shows my impressions to "0". Why did this happen? My gig is still ranking on the 1st page on all gig tags. I did not do any changes in my gigs. It shows "0" to my all gigs impressions. Anyone can explain

  • Today, we're spilling the beans on the latest logo trends, empowering you with insider information on the most searched keywords so you can create and tag your logo designs with the right keywords for maximum discoverability.   In this post, we're not only giving you a list of the top-trending keywords on Fiverr Logo Maker, but we're also providing the industries you should be targeting to make the most out of these trends. Remember, using relevant and specific industry tags can mean the difference between getting your logo seen first and getting lost in the crowd so make sure you're following best practices for using logo tags to increase your design's ranking.

  • Hi there, There are a lot of amazing services in Fiverr, many of them are very cheap, and I see that a lot of honest and resourceful freelancers who can’t sell their services to many customers. I want give them some helpful advice here: 1. Price isn’t very important Many people think that if they sell their services cheap, they will get enough customers. It isn’t true. High quality consumers don’t focus on price, they want high quality products or services. You shouldn’t compete on price. For example, if you do link building for $5, you won’t succeed. But, you can sell it for $50 easily. 2. People love gifts When you deliver works, you should also provide some free but hi

  • Good morning fellow Fiverrians and Fiverrettes. I woke up a while ago, I logged in and realized I had a message. The message was one of those please-help-me messages so I had the usual “Oh here it comes again” reaction, but what reaaallly ruined my morning was that this person called me "dear." I get it. They are trying to be friendly. I do. 98% of the time when I get a message, people use “sir,” because they assume I’m a guy. I am aware that some people do not like this and I can understand why, but personally I don’t mind. Some people say “Hello sir or ma’am”, others simply say "Hello zeus777." I guess I don’t mind the “sir” personally because at least I get the feel

  • Dear Desperate Sellers! I know you are trying to gain customers and traffic in your GIGs, but posting That: “I’m a professional Designer and I’m going to make a logo or any work for you for $5”, This won’t help you at all. Please Stop Spamming the “BUYERS REQUEST” page. And Fiverr our Amazing Partners Please do something about this! It will really be really Helpful! And Sellers what do you think about this Topic? Comment Bellow! Thank You Alcy

  • These are some tips you should always follow to avoid getting any orders: Advertise your gig and services in the buyer requests section, you shall be entitled to a graceful warning along with resentment from good sellers. Spam the inbox of other sellers to pass on work to you, perfect for them to ignore you but they might just reply to keep up their response rate. Keep on advertising by creating new posts in the Fiverr Forums instead of benefitting from some advice here, I really don’t see anyone responding to these posts. Copy images and videos from the internet to use on your gig gallery, Fiverr will take action against you very soon plus sellers don’t like copied wo

  • Today I got this email- Hello there! In case we haven’t already met, my name is Rachel and I’m a Seller Success Manager, part of Fiverr’s Customer Relations team. I am excited to welcome you to our new program, Seller Success, where you will receive an Account Manager! As your Seller Success Manager, I will be your dedicated Fiverr representative, keeping an eye on your account to make sure that you are getting the most out of Fiverr including reaching out to you in advance for any marketplace feedback. Any Customer Support requests that you may have will be monitored by me so that we can ensure you are receiving priority service. I will also be available not only via e-m

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