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  • Finally, as a productive seller on Fiverr, I have finished 1500+ projects. In my freelance profession, it represents a fresh turning point.  I want to thank everyone who helped me. 😘 I appreciate you giving me the chance to establish my credentials all around the world, Fiverr.  Freelancer Graphically_d 

  • As a seller on Fiverr, you know the importance of receiving repeat orders from your buyers. Not only does repeat business confirm the high quality of your service (go you!) but also gives you peace of mind by helping you to create a stable income. Fiverr has always encouraged long term relationships between buyers and sellers, and now, with the repeat business score and badge on seller profiles, this is recognized even further! How it works: Log in > Analytics tab To the right of the “Overview tab” (which you already know), see the “Repeat business tab” Once complete > Choose your subcategory from the dropdown menu   See your r

  • What is the best withdrawal method on fiverr?

  • I am using my fiverr account on multiple devices at different times. I would like to know if I leave to use any of the devices and might be possible any other person may use same device to operate his/her account in the future. what should i do from that device so it wouldn't create any issue to my account. can you please guide me about this.? Regards  Aruyantech 

  • How are people getting 100 plus orders on Fiverr gigs?   Are this done by Ads or what. Can someone please Give a Tip on this?

  • Hi people, I am new in the block. I have received delivery of the architectural drawing I ordered but the seller failed or forgot to send me the source files. He is not receiving my messages anymore. What can I do to reconnect with him, remind him to send me the file as agreed? Djino

  • In addition to your dedicated success manager and exclusive community events we’ve added some exciting new features to help jumpstart your success: Access to advanced analytics: Track your traffic, competitors, and top keywords to optimize your Gig performance through the new analytics dashboard Create custom coupons: Reward loyal buyers and have them ordering from you on repeat when you create custom Coupons. Win more buyer requests: Enhance your chances to win more orders. Get priority for new buyer requests with personal notifications and prime visibility. We are gradually opening up Seller Plus to ensure that all interested sellers have the opportunity and time to

  • Some buyers will want you to work for free. As a professional, you should politely decline this type of request. Here's some tips on how to avoid endless revision loops and buyers trying to manipulate you into working for free.  1) Be clear about what's included in the initial price from the start.  2) If they ask for addition work, require payment. Try "Thanks for the update! Here's my quote for the additional changes you requested" or something similar.  3) If the client goes "I'm not paying for that. It should be included!" you can respond with "I understand that you feel that way, and I'd love to help you out. However, this is outside the original scope

  • Hello everyone, I want to ask- what if I am not able to complete the order and refund it at a later stage!! would it affect my ranking on Fiverr? Is there anything like mutual cancellation on Fiverr? Thanks

  • At Fiverr, we’re continually listening to feedback from members of our community. One of the frustrations for buyers has been when an order automatically completes before they’ve had a chance to review their delivery. As a seller, you might have seen revision requests that are not for actual revisions, but just asking for more time to review deliveries. We’ve learned that these requests are often due to weekends, the need for approval from co-workers, or…just busy schedules. To help ease this frustration, we’re running a test to allow buyers to request more time to review their order before it automatically completes. Of course, we want to ensure a win-win situa

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