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  • From the Fiverr Blog. A message from CEO Micha Kaufman: Our hearts break for the people of Ukraine and we join the world in grieving for the lives lost and destroyed due to the senseless and unjustifiable violence. We also mourn with our global community of freelancers and business owners, who work daily across borders, languages, and cultures to create opportunity. They know that any conflict that divides like-minded and good people into “us vs. them” represents a loss for all of humanity and is contrary to everything the Fiverr community stands for.  That said, the devastation in Ukraine requires action and has triggered global economic sanctions aimed at endi

  • They want to talk outside of fiverr not only is it against the rules and you have to run the risk of getting banned, any professional seller or company would not break the set TOS. It is a lot easier for scammers to get your personal info after they have your email, number, or social media account, and you put yourself in danger. You are a new seller It makes sense that scammers would prey on new sellers, as they are inexperienced, often desperate for sales, and don’t know how to differentiate a scam with a legitimate buyer. They claim to be a hr manager Scammers have claimed to me that they are a “human resources manager” at a big company. This is false. Large corporati

  • I had my patience and that’s enough! Today I am sharing the story of @fiverr payment security system. Its been more than 40days I had received an order of around $760 usd and completed (with revision). As the buyer received the files, he immediately but after the order completion. And after 4-5 days ,I received a notification that FUNDS has been removed from my account. This is amazingly serious threat to me. As the funds were deliberately taken out from my account and it is a threat to @fiverr payment system. Upon contacting with @FiverrSupport , they told me that they donor have any control over that how funds are removed from your account. Every time I contact with

  • It's been a while, but the ever-so-important topic is back! With winter finally going towards its end (which is exactly why it's snowing crazy here all morning, obviously) I'm slowly finding my energy again (for the most part. But that might be the coffee.)  So...  I thought that we should bring back this wonderful little tradition and just think about a few things we're looking forward to in this upcoming month. Is it perhaps Valentine's day for some people? Or is it something else? For me, personally, it's mostly going on a mini trip to Oslo in two weeks - still quite a bit away but I'm so excited. I haven't been yet and I'm always happy to explore new cities!

  • ChatGPT is getting very popular around the globe. And with this growing popularity, there is a very high probability that it might start affecting freelance writers. Right now, we can easily see how this Ai can make short work writing about anything , even very complex topics. As a freelance writer I feel a a bit scared and worried about this development and how it can affect the future of this industry.  Am I the only one feeling this way, and what do you guys really think about this ChatGPT Ai? 

  • Beware! They will send the file of the article using a ‘Unicode UTF-8’ file and when you check at GRAMMARLY.COM for plagiarism, no plagiarism was detected. I retyped back the whole artlcle on microsft word and check again at GRAMMARLY.COM and ‘Plagiarism was detected’. Check at PLAGIARISMA.NET only 26% Unique. What a SCAM! This coded file can cheat Online Plagiarism Checker. Here is another link to a post in a forum regarding this scam that was posted on November 2015 https://forum.fiverr.com******** This scam has resurfaced again now in 2017. Beware! Update May 22: Reported to Customer Support about their activity by giving them the evidence of the original article along

  • Hello there! Below is the attached graph of my only gig :-   Also I published a gig on the 3rd of January 2023, which now has been paused!   Is it the creation of new gig which affected the impression rate of the previous one?

  • Hi there, I felt it is necessary for us to discuss this. I will be delving into why all buyers must, as a matter of due diligence, contact the seller they wish to patronise. As a buyer, please ensure you read the gig description thoroughly before you place an order. Make sure you understand EVERY WORD in the description inorder to avoid dispute. Every word counts. Every sentence must be understood. No room for ambiguity. If you feel you have read the description and understood it, it’s time to place an order, i guess? But, hey, hold on for a sec. Why don’t you just contact the seller and tell him what it is you are looking forward to. The reasons why you must send a mess

  • I'm glad to share with fiverr community that " Peter Eli " got his first order and completed it with 5 🌟 rating. 💃💃💃

  • Take a trip down memory lane with us! Do you remember the thrill and excitement you felt when you received your first order/gig? Share with us, how did you feel, and what was going through your mind? Let's relive those memories and bring back the motivation. So, describe your feeling when you received your first order?

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