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  • Hello guys im a Web Designer i have to many years of experience so i choose to try fiverr is to much good platform and give to much oportunity for students and people bless with digital talents. But i can't understand somthing today i make 14 days for my orders but they are not going in balance can somone explain me that?

  • Hello,  I'm level 2 seller and few days before my account restricted with reason low quality delivery but Fiverr didn't hear me and didn't take my view on this. I provided to client for what we agreed but i don't know why fiverr not listening freelancer and giving priority to buyers? This is not good for Freelancers community . Fiverr must know freelancers point of view too before restricting account and ask for evidence .   Thanks.   Regards,

  • Hi,  I am Umar Ztx. I am a new seller on fiver. I have Confusion that is "How Much gig should I Publish as a new seller 1 or 7"

  • I've read the articles, blogs in regards to your vetting process to become a Business Seller but I'd like to know from your 1st hand account. When it was 1st rolled out, I was auto enrolled (as a buyer). I was tied up and didn't buy at that time, so I cancelled before they charged me $149. Well, now that I have time and working to create my own site, I'd like to consider signing up. Searching through thousands of Sellers is daunting. I am absolutely going to be doing my due diligence but just don't want to spend 100 hours looking at endless list of gigs. If the business platform was vetted with tough standards, it'd be well worth the $149 in time management savi

  • Today I surpassed a huge milestone in my Fiverr career passing $100,000 of earnings in my 1st year as a seller. I wanted to share my story with the community to hopefully inspire other sellers and provide some advice from my experience. image1426×770 52 KBThe beginning Back in January 2020 I got my first order for $200, I was so excited at the prospect of earning money during my free time, as I had a fulltime job at the time (more on that later). I fulfilled my first order and received my first review, my heart was beating so fast waiting to see what my customer would say about me as I knew the importance of customer feedback for continued business. After leaving my revi

  • Hey everyone. Just a quick announcement: Starting today 3 of our fellow members have been promoted to moderators with some additional privileges when compared to regular members. @lloydsolutions @imagination7413 And @williambryan392 I nominated these three members to the admin because I feel like they are helpful and can contribute a lot more as mods. They will now have the ability to move threads to where they belong, and handle some of the flags. Welcome aboard! PM me so I can help you with orientation. 🙂 

  • Hello,, hope that the Fiverr forum is the best. but i have had some bad experience  1: Limited Forum Reply .. Hope That all people know the forum had limited replies on any topic.. i will 5-7 reply then Fiverr block my reply.. It is bad,, because per day just 5-7 reply , then i not share and not help any man.. because i not give 7+ reply 2: Gig Marketing:  this is a forum.. any people discuss their experiences and share their problems.. but many people start gig marketing. I Hope Thad ti is a problem  

  • It is very helpful for new seller like. and also some buyer being very helpful and responsive. he was tips me. Thanks to #Fiverr 

  • Just today I've come across multiple (three or four) topics about people having their profiles put under review for being flagged with "low-quality deliveries".  At the first couple of posts, I thought little of it. I just thought the Trust and Safety team got a new coffee maker in the office and were celebrating.  But then another showed up. And another.  Now I'm beginning to think that Fiverr is actually doing some much needed housekeeping. I'm by no means taking sides when it comes to the individuals being put under review. That's not my place nor my desire.  But we have talked about this for quite a while now, and I do remember @frank_d saying some

  • Hey everyone! So after my latest Thread and Live Stream which can be found here: I realized that it had been a while since I published a new gig. Putting myself through the process all over again, plus a series of insightful questions by fellow members really showed me that things are a little different nowadays. Fiverr treats new gigs a bit differently and it is now clear to me that we should approach gig creation with a few core principles in mind. So I thought it would be helpful to create a sort of checklist before starting the gig creation process, to make sure you give your brand new gig a fighting chance on this saturated and highly compet

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