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Found 21 results

  1. I'm sure this question has been asked countless times. I am a UK seller that is looking for the cheapest way to withdraw my balance from Fiverr. If I did bank transfer to a Revolut account that is in USD could I then utilise their currency converter? I have seen people transfer their balance to Payoneer and then to Transferwise and then to their bank account. Is this still the cheapest option? Will Fiverr ever give us the option to withdraw our balance in our currency of choice?
  2. The problem seems to start when tried to withdraw money to my now limited PayPal account. For context, PayPal has just returned to Thailand and they required Thai users to provide information to migrate their accounts to PayPal Thailand before Nov 30. Obviously I didn't do this in time, so now my old PayPal is limited. I can only withdraw money and can no longer send or receive. I've created a new PayPal Thailand account and been trying to redirect payment to that one instead. But now my payment is stuck in a limbo. I withdrew 102.40 USD at first and the Fiverr balance didn't get down to zero like usual. I thought that was strange and didn't think much of it until I saw this email from PayPal asking me provide info in my old account, which I couldn't since it got limited. I believe the payment is still with Fiverr since it the Balance didn't go down to 0 the last time I withdrew and now **** I can't even withdraw the new 78.88 USD that got added to the 102.40 USD !!! ***** This seems to be an error in the website. Please help. I really need this money! PS. I already contacted support but I thought I might as well post here in case anyone can help me.
  3. Hello Fiver Community! Add on Fiver ways to withdraw funds for freelancers on debit card and direct bank transfer without Payoneer. Unfortunately, PayPal and Payoneer are not suitable for most freelancers. I suggest Fiverr members suggest Fiverr add a debit card and direct bank transfer as a withdrawal for freelancers. Please pay attention to this.
  4. How can I update my bank payment for withdraw? Has anyone does this? I can't find the means of changing my payoneer, and it clearly state that I can deactivate my payoneer account for withdrawal. Is there any issue has to ever using the old payoneer account you signed-out, if you want to use it back?
  5. Me and my friend run our fiverr account and we've been using PayPal for some time and have decided to try out Payoneer. My friend created a Payoneer account and i thought he linked it with fiverr. On the other hand I've been thinking of creating another Payoneer account and linking it with fiverr. To try out my idea i opened up fiverr and in the end accidently i initiated withdrawal to payoneer. I was like oh well might me to my friends account. But when I asked him about it he says no he's not linked his Payoneer with fiverr and worst case his Payoneer account has been blocked. Btw I came to this conclusion since the fiverr account and his Payoneer account was created on the same Gmail! So what will happen? Will my money go? And since currently it's gone from fiverr where is it?
  6. I did Withdrawing of my Earn to my Payoneer account. Unfortunately, For Security purpose, the Payoneer account blocked. Now I am opening a new payoneer account. But I can't able to remove old payoneer account and add new payoneer account on my account. So, My question is? How can i remove my old payoneer account and add my new payoneer account. To Withdraw my earning. See the attachments...
  7. Hey there, I need to change my PayPal adress to make a withdrawal. After entering a new adress and saving it, an orange information shows up saying I'd receive an e-mail with further instructions. I do not receive any e-mail, and changing my new adress is not being saved. I've been trying for several days now. The customer "support" only says "are you checking your right e-mail account" and is not helpful in any way. How can I access my money? Thanks!
  8. Hello Sri Lankan sellers, I'm a new seller from Sri Lanka. What is the best withdrawal method for Sri Lankan sellers? Which way reduces the fees that lose?
  9. Am unable to withdraw my funds from my restricted fiverr account
  10. Hello, I have been working for the past 2 years as a freelancer on fiverr and have been withdrawing my earnings to my personal account. Lately I have opened here in Albania a small business (registered with VAT and everything) and I want from now on to transfer my earnings into my business account. The only problem is that for every withdrawal,I now have to write an invoice, directed at fiverr. Could anyone help me with this? What can I do at fiverr in my situation? Is it possible for my account to be registered at fiverr as a business and to write invoices directed at fiverrs VAT number for the withdrawals? I am open to any suggestions!
  11. previously their was to options to withdraw to payoneer: 1. regular withdraw : takes 2 days and fees 1$ only 2. fast withdraw :2 hours and fees 3$ -------- i think first option was dismissed as i can not get in the page, is that correct?
  12. Hello everyone! I've recently moved to Europe and now trying to set up my withdrawal method in Local Currency which is EUR. I've done my research and couldn't find an answer does it worth it to withdraw EUR from Fiverr. I couldn't find the answer to this question: what is the Fiverr conversion rate / fee when withdrawing USD to EUR? Please share your thoughts and experience! Thanks a lot!
  13. Is it no longer possible to withdraw your money if you're from Russia? Payoneer and PayPal both have stopped working 😞
  14. What is this Cash Advance? If I take it, does it mean I can do whatever I want with it like withdrawing it to my bank and use it. They're not very clear about it.
  15. I have mistakenly withdraw funds to email address not valid on PayPal and now I'm not able to access the funds. Is there a possibility of fund reversal from PayPal to fiverr?
  16. Hi, I have worked for a client and he is going to pay me using my Payoneer account details. So when he submitted the payment, Payoneer asked him to wait untill approval and I got an email that was asking for details about my business and why the client is paying me. I filled that form and mentioned Fiverr as my main website where I work and told everything about my service and payment reason. Now I am here to ask you people that is this valid to mention Fiverr there? I mean have you experienced such projects? Have you ever worked for someone using this way? Or there is a risk included? What you think? Will Payoneer allow my balance Transfer or will contact Fiverr for this secret payment? Please clear this. Thank you
  17. I'm fairly new to Fiverr and have accumulated a good chuck of change so far, and I want to be able to withdraw it. BUT the system wouldn't allow me to. Ill click the type of deposit link, Ill get the email, and when I click the link in the email, it just takes me to the home page. I tried contacting support (Still OPEN) and it's been almost a month. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, have you found a fix?
  18. Hello, Please I www supposed to receive a mail to withdraw my available fund after 90 days of account disablement and Now it as passed 90 days and I haven't gotten a mail to withdraw my fund Please what can I do?
  19. Two days ago I got an email from Fiverr CS that "We have reasons to believe your device, as well as your Fiverr account, may have been compromised due to malware.As a security measure, withdrawing will not be possible on your account at the moment. This email is sent to you with a goal to assist you to secure the account and support you continue doing business as usual." After that they asked me to scan my system for malware and send us Screenshots of Antivirus scans so they can further review my account. I did that, got reply that matter has been sent to relevant team to further review. It's been more than 48 hours and still I'm not getting any update, my withdrawals are blocked. I sent them message to update me for which I got a reply that we will update you as soon as it is resolved. What should I do? How long it will take? did someone else experience this in past? I'm really worried about it as my withdrawals are blocked and it's affecting my performance on ongoing projects. Please help.
  20. Dear All, in my account the amount of more than 52$, i want to withdraw this amount. but question is that this is my first two orders and i have seen Fiverr is restricted to $400 and then we are able to withdraw our amount, if anyone can help me what can i do in this situation. Thanks
  21. My fiverr account was disabled April 12 and now it is more than 90 days and I haven't received a mail to withdraw my fund Please what can I do😭😭
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