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  1. When we started off on Fiverr we were using Paypal but then found a much better way to receive our hard earned money. USE Payoneer. Fiverr uses USD as it's default currency. If you withdraw different currencies from fiverr or paypal you will be given a very poor exchange rate. Here is how to solve this. Set up a Payoneer account and withdraw your funds in USD from Fiverr. Payoneer only charge you $1 to do this. Next if you are from the UK (not sure for other countries) set up a Transferwise account. Send the Payoneer funds to your transferwise account. Change your USD to GBP/Euro or any other currency you require at a VERY good rate saving you ALOT of money on exchange fees that paypal take. This is by far the BEST way to save money hands down. I hope this helps everyone who looses out when changing currencies!
  2. When does fiverr pay us? 14 days after order marked or 14 days after withdrawal? If I withdraw 14 days after the order is marked, will the payment be credited to my Payoneer account immediately?Can someone tell me۔۔۔
  3. I have mistakenly withdraw funds to email address not valid on PayPal and now I'm not able to access the funds. Is there a possibility of fund reversal from PayPal to fiverr?
  4. Hello everyone, I want to use Fiverr revenue card but unfortunately my Payoneer account is blocked two years ago, isn’t there any option to order the card with a new account or something similar? thanks in advance!
  5. Hello, I was about to withdraw some funds today for the first time until I realised that by doing it by bank account conversion into GBP that it was going to take about £100 in conversion fees off of a £1000 withdrawal which seems ridiculous. So I was wondering if any other UK sellers can tell me which is the cheapest way to withdraw? Thanks
  6. Is there a facility to transfer balance directly from Fiverr to local Bank?
  7. Can I withdraw fiverr fund by my father/mother payoneer account?
  8. Hi i m new to fiverr , I have a confusion on how i can withdraw my income on my fiverr account , I have a net income positive and above the minimum required 20$ but it doesnt show in available for withdrawal i waited more than a week but nothing changed so how can i withdraw my income in such a case .
  9. Hi Hope you all doing good today, I have a concern regarding withdrawal payment from Fiverr, "Don't You think that, There should be an option to select a different amount rather than the withdraw whole amount at once", in initiating every withdrawal payment.
  10. Hi Everyone, I'm facing a horrible issue on Fiverr. My all revenue is going in cancellation after 14 days. I did job for a person in December 21. He lefts 5 Star review with good comments even he recommended for his friend. I received all my funds against his orders. Out of no way suddenly I received an email from Fiverr that my Dec orders cancelled and funds refunded to buyer and deducting my amount from balance. I'm really shocked and upset. Fiverr is saying it is fraud activity.
  11. Hi there! For the past 3 weeks, I have been unable to withdraw my funds via Bank Transfer. I did my last withdrawal about a month ago, and now for some odd reason, when I try to initiate a withdrawal, a pop-up window opens, which states that I am "trying to add a new withdrawal method." As I said, I already had a Bank Transfer (via Payooner) account linked to my Fiverr account. I contacted customer support a couple of weeks ago, and they tell me on a daily basis that the relevant team is still working to solve this technical issue. Has anybody experienced something similar? PS: I suspect the reason for this technical bug is the "new feature" (rainbow-colored circle) which, when added to the bank transfer button, reset it, and removed the existing info?
  12. I live in Venezuela, and our Paypal fees are 5.4% + 30 cents of the withdrawal (and add the 20% Fiverr fee to that). If you do the math, it's definitely a problem. We need more payment methods, Paypal is totally outdated. And getting credit cards in this country is almost impossible (and they don't even work). Please Fiverr, add Crypto withdrawals through Binance or add compatibility with Binance Pay. It would completely solve the problem. Thanks
  13. I withdraw money from fiver and Withdrawal Completed Successfully message came. I didn't receive any confirmation message and nothing appear in my payoneer account.
  14. Hey I had fiver support cancel an order I bought the other day. €450 was refunded to me in total. When I paid the gig in the first place, I paid half of it with the existing money inside my Fiverr account, and the other half was paid with my paypal. I not have the €450 in my Fiverr account, but I can't withdraw all of the money. It will only allow me to take out 228$. How can I withdraw all of it? Thanks for your help 🙂
  15. Hi to everyone, I received a refund from a canceled order and it is already visible on my Fiverr balance, I want to spend this money on my PayPal account, but the dashboard does not show me the balance to be able to withdraw it is a matter of time or other steps need to be taken ? Thanks in advance for your answers
  16. A few days ago I've seen my withdrawal option were disable and can't make any withdraw. I start contact CS and they respond well but can't get any solution. I start afraid to take any orders since I can't make withdraw cause of my previous buyer complaint me even gave me bad rating. I just did the task like he already ask but not make him satisfy on that and can't get any solution on him. Cause my client did not respond my inbox. I know if my client will not reply my inbox, that mean my withdraw option will keep disable forever and ever cause buyer is always right. So, is that my withdrawal option will be disable again? anyone experience this? If I close or disable my account can get my earning? Cause I feel hopeless, give up and need to know how to withdraw my money cause CS don't have authority to make it able and yes buyer have more power than us. So what should I do now?
  17. I have been trying to withdraw my payment from fiverr through Bank transfer option. But it is showing an error as shown in the screenshot attached. Can anyone tell me how to solve this?
  18. Hello Talented People, Are you having issues like me? Early payout was disappeared this month. I don't know why.😟 Will it come back again? Why it is gone?😟 Thanks.
  19. Hi, please am having issues withdrawing some funds through Paypal. Anytime I click on withdraw button, it tells me that 'withdrawal was not completed. Please try again or contact customer support for more details. Thank you
  20. Hi there, Is there any option to withdraw custom amount from fiverr Balance? Often, I needed to withdraw short amount of funds but there is no option to withdraw. can someone discuss about it? What is the pros and cons? Thanks for your time and help, Imran
  21. Hey there! So on the 15th of September i withdrawn ~40$ through PayPal. it said it would arrive within 7 business days, but now - more then 7 business days later - it still hasn't arrived yet. Is there any reasons why it is so delayed? Is Fiverr holding the money or something? <-- 15th September withdrawal Initiated. <-- Before it did in less then a day. Please help! And last, is there any way I can get into contact with them through E-mail or Customer support other then the public Fiverr forums?
  22. I'm fairly new to Fiverr and have accumulated a good chuck of change so far, and I want to be able to withdraw it. BUT the system wouldn't allow me to. Ill click the type of deposit link, Ill get the email, and when I click the link in the email, it just takes me to the home page. I tried contacting support (Still OPEN) and it's been almost a month. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, have you found a fix?
  23. Hello everyone, Is there anyone please let me know how to how to withdraw money to your bank account quickly without waiting 14 days after the order is completed? I want to withdraw as soon as possible for my personal problem but waiting for 14 days are too long for me. 😭 Please advise me. Thank you so much! 🙏
  24. I find it unable to withdraw my last 16 dollars into paypal account. Tried it several times, but every time ended up failed. Help me to get through this.
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