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Found 5 results

  1. Using Discord To Do The Live Chats When Working On Gigs? Received A Warning - What Can I Do Now? Does Fiverr Have Video Chat? Im new here and need all the help i could get - Joined thinking i could generate complete and fullfill the orders safely thru fiverr but do the actual live work thru discord live video function then complete the order on fiverr. What do i do is there a workaround? Thanks In Advance.
  2. As I've just seen it in a thread I was reading, but neither want to single out anyone, nor get into PMs with total strangers: Do not use Fiverr's logo (or any other logo that isn't yours) in your profile image. Not the logo on its own, nor the logo as an overlay on your image. One more tip, as one still sees it occasionally: Do not use level badges or five stars in your profile image. Just don't. You're welcome. (And if you want to thank me for the tip, just click the heart or thank you icon on the bottom right side of this post, no need to write a comment just for that.) _______________________________________________________________ This was a public service announcement by a TRS (as of April 3, 2022). As so many people keep asking for TRSs to share their "Tips & Tricks", and "How to become a TRS", here's the maybe most important one: Making yourself acquainted, even becoming best friends with Fiverr's terms, rules, and such, is essential in becoming a TRS, because else, you may lose your account before you even get close. Doing stuff that's against the rules also won't serve you well when you reach the basic eligibility requirements and the evaluation team takes out their loupe to manually evaluate your account. 🕵️‍♀️🕵️‍♂️👨‍⚖️👩‍⚖️💎✔️💚🏅
  3. Greetings Fiverr's Community, This is Waleed Shahid, I am currently a TRS seller, I yesterday received a warning for a partial delivery (questionable, in talks with the fiverr's team). Setting that aside, I would like to hear more clear and expert opinions If I am going to be demoted by the next evaluation. I see there're many mixed opinions for this, even the warnings article says that If you receive upto two warnings, you will receive a demotion (warnings of different types). This is just as related to this example: If I were a level 1 seller, and I had received a warning, will I be demoted to level 0 or NOT promoted to level 2, the latter one is inevitable as I cannot be promoted while being warned, but the point is, will I be demoted? I thankyou for reading this through! Regards, WS
  4. One Month Ago I Received First Warning In My Fiverr Profile, When It Was Received After That My All Gigs Are Down 1st Page To Last Page. So This Month I Got My Level 1 Badge, But My Gigs Are Still Derank. So In such A Situation What Can I Do? Any Solution?
  5. Dear fellow fiverr community, I been an active member of Fiverr since March 2020 ever since Covid broke out. After months of hard work of pleasing buyers, I made Fiverr to be my bread winner for my family. It took me years to bring a gig up to a level where I had 35, 5 star reviews, nothing negative at all. I struggled hard to make sure I always delivered more than what I was offering and that's how I earned those. Last night out of nowhere, I got a notification stating that my gig was taken down | gig denied. I was shocked, I went and checked, they had stated I had used a copyright image... No warnings were given, no body asked me to take down. Years of hard work was thrown across as a slap and I am getting a standard response from Fiverr, I am in disbelief. I literally told them my situation, pleaded my case stating If it was an image, I will change it. They don't seem to understand this is how I am surviving Covid after loosing my job. I am constantly in touch with the people who placed orders on that gig. What will happen to those? I have 5 active orders and I don't know how to respond to them either. I go out of my way to make sure I give buyers more than what I offer every time! I need help. This affects me so badly they don't seem to even care or even give a chance. How is this fair? Am I to loose all those reviews and ratings I struggled over sleepless nights because I used an image, somebody else's image I agree (edit: I was honestly unaware this was violating the terms, I used those to build model websites years ago and found them to be an inspiration), but I didn't lie about what I can do? How come I was not even asked to take down the image? I don't have the heart to tell my fam that I can't bills next month. I need help
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